Nearly all the complaints we receive stem from customers booking jumps without first properly reading our terms and conditions, or understanding that skydiving is an all-day weather dependant activity that may, unless they’ve already chosen to attend our 3 day Residential Course, require them to attend on numerous occasions over the agreed six-month contract validity period. They then feel aggrieved when events already identified within the terms occur and thus accusations of us treating them unfairly, moving goal posts, being rude, etc. begin.

Could we respectfully ask you therefore to read again the Terms and Conditions you agreed to when you first made your booking as they identify exactly what was agreed between us at the start of our contract and are designed to be referred back to whenever disputes arise.

We also fully appreciate the frustrations weather related issues can create which is why, in attempt to be fully transparent and upfront with customers before they book, we ask you to read, if you haven’t already done so, the document entitled Tandem Jump Times and Orders which can be found on our Terms and Conditions page. The same document also details the regulations regarding the use of cameras.

The overall principles of our contract, which all stem from clause 1, are that….

  1. Irrespective of the weather, and in return for the money paid, we agree to provide everything required to permit you the opportunity to make a tandem parachute descent in accordance with UK Civil Aviation Authority regulations over an initial period of six months from your first booking date – which, if necessary is automatically extended to 8 months (taking into account clause 30 and our winter shut down period) and can also then be extended for one further six month period for an additional fee of £25 (reference clause 29) or free of charge if you make the effort to attend at least 5 times within the first six months.
  2. In return for providing these services you agree to make every reasonable effort to attend as often as you can when we have spaces, again irrespective of the weather unless otherwise advised, and each time prepare to stay with us all day for the full period of our operation to give us the maximum opportunity to complete your jump for you – reference clause 26.
  3. If, when your turn comes to jump, the weather lets you down, you may then rebook for a similar priced day at no extra charge within the agreed contract period. Or, you can upgrade to a more expensive day as per clause 22.
  4. You may also receive a refund if you make the effort to attend on at least 5 occasions during the initial six-month period (reference clause 29 – which includes occasions we ourselves might advise you not to attend due to an unfavourable weather forecast). This however is the only occasion where a refund is offered other than the conditions stated at clause 30.
  5. After 12 months from your initial booking date (which again is automatically extended to 14 months taking into account clause 30 and our winter shut down period) if you still haven’t jumped your final option is either to attend our Residential Course (which is a guaranteed method of completing your jump but which you’ve currently rejected at clause 35) or forfeit your jump altogether (reference clause 29).

In addition, if you become medically unfit, pregnant, decide to leave the country, or simply change your mind about taking part, for the reasons explained and agreed at clause 33, no refunds are offered but you may transfer your jump to another suitable person in accordance with clause 32.

For your assurance these terms and condition have been prepared by our lawyers, in consultation with Cambridgeshire Trading Standards, both of whom consider them fair and lawful on both parties as this letter from our solicitors’ shows.

We have also gone one stage further in that we will allow you at any time (even once your contract has finished) to put all the monies paid for your jump towards the Residential Course – which is a guaranteed method of completing your jump as you basically stay with us on-site until it has been completed. There is also the additional bonus of a full refund if it hasn’t been completed within 3 days. For further details about the Residential Course please click here.

In the case of disputes, if at any point you feel you are being treated unfairly you have the option to put your case in front of an arbitrator in the Small Claims Court – for which we will be happy to cover your costs should the judge rule in your favour, as this is already the procedure agreed between us at clause 40.

We hope this now gives you a better understanding of what you have signed up for and demonstrates that our contractual terms are properly thought out and fair taking into account that skydiving is a weather dependant activity (for which we have no control) and that it costs over £1,000,000 per year to keep the skydiving centre open for you so that you can complete your jump, for which your fee is part.

If we are in breach of contract at any time we shall of course be more than happy to accept full responsibility, apologise and agree an amicable solution. Similarly, we hope you will show us the same courtesy by fulfilling your side of the agreement without trying to change or add additional clauses.

If having now read the above however you still wish to make a complaint please send an email to us at detailing…

The date and time of your alleged breach of contract.
A description of the incident.
What you would like us to do to put it right.
This will then be passed onto the appropriate department for investigation and you will normally receive a written reply within 72 hours.